Hannah Spencer, Green Party mayoral candidate for Greater Manchester 2024

For a fairer and greener Greater Manchester: Vote for Hannah on 2nd May!

“It is an honour and privilege to have been chosen as the Green Party candidate for Greater Manchester Mayor.

I feel so lucky to get to call this place my home, but I know we deserve SO much better. A vote for me on 2 May is a vote for a fairer and greener society. ”

Hannah Spencer

Green Party

Hannah’s agenda for Greater Manchester

In my first 100 days in office as mayor, I’d roll out the beginnings of a proper warm home scheme, one that everyone can access. I’d immediately set up a commission to look at the impact of bringing in rent controls across the region. Rents have risen astronomically across the region – in Bolton, Wigan, and Rochdale they’ve gone up over 30% in the last three years alone. 

I’d also set up an independent body to deal with complaints against serving police officers. Trust in Greater Manchester Police feels so low, and we have to restore it so that everyone feels safer.

Housing: Climate action through warmer homes

Every day, I see the mess our housing system is in. People paying for heat they know will leak straight back out.

A mass home insulation scheme will pay for itself overall, in saved costs. Ending for many the inhumane “choice” between heating and eating while cutting carbon emissions. We need to help local firms create a diverse new workforce to do this. I will fight for the government to force landlords to make their housing match up.

Transport: Do much more, much faster

Improvement to our transport is happening at a snail’s pace. We need rapid change. We need plans that future governments will buy into.

A quarter of households in Greater Manchester have no car. But we all suffer from air pollution, damaging health and shortening lives. I spend a big part of my working day stuck in queues, in my work van. So I see the need for change. Enabling walking and cycling on a mass scale will release untapped demand. This is how we can really reduce road congestion.

Bus improvements are welcome. I want London-style control over local and suburban rail too. We also need to think long-term. I’ll draw up plans for underground links, transforming tram and train lines into a Crossrail-type network. Plans that a future government, one serious about the north, will be eager to build.

Women and girls: Tackling gender-based violence

We’ve had three years of the current mayor’s strategy to reduce gender-based violence. How many more women and girls have to suffer serious harm before change happens? I will immediately reinstate the Serious Sexual Offences Unit, axed in 2017.

People lack trust in our police. They fear how the police deal with domestic violence, and allegations against serving officers. I will put in place an independent commissioner, focusing on complaints about officers, and on levels of domestic abuse and sexual violence. I will ensure openness and honesty about existing cases involving the police.

For all of Greater Manchester: No one and nowhere left behind

I grew up in Bolton and spent over half of my life there. I saw the town I called home get left further and further behind. 14 years of austerity has damaged our towns. It’s been devastating for young people and future generations.

I will create an Independent Commissioner for Future Generations. They will make sure the mayor’s actions balance the needs of the present with the needs of future generations.

Daring more democracy: A more accountable mayor

I will push for the mayor to be held more accountable. I’d fight for Westminster to give Greater Manchester more powers, but also for the mayor to be answerable to you.

We’ve already led the call for a London-style assembly, directly elected by you and representing you fairly, that can hold the mayor to account consistently, not just every four years.

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